The Shealy Family Tree.



The Shealy family tree is provided as a resource to all interested in the  Shealy Family Tree!  The page is updated regularly with new information and links that are of interest to those researching or interested in Shealy family genealogy.  Check out the Shealy relatives in the family tree. Crafts, Shealys, Pounds, and others may be found...

The Crafts recently held a family reunion in Pelion SC.  Still waiting on photos and other updates.  More updates from Davie Craft and Buzzy Craft, the official family historians, to follow.  Some of the ongoing work is include here

If you would like to contribute to this effort or list your kin:

A few Shealy subwebs are available from this site.  The Reverend Wallace Shealy maintains a site at  Also for those interested dog training, and those interested in hiking or other musings  may be worth a visit.  Musing are updated infrequently now..